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Can't Lose: A Friday Night Lights Fanzine

$5.00 / Sold Out

A tribute to one of the greatest television shows ever.

Includes a remove-able, cut-out-able Tim Riggins paper doll (complete with cowboy boots and a can of Lone Star).

Blue ink printed on yellow paper (Panthers colors!). 5"x8".

40 pages.

Featuring comics, drawings, and other contributions by:

Dan Zettwoch, Jesse Lucas, Nomi Kane, Sean Ford, Sam Spina, Jon Shaw, Henry Eudy, Laura Beck, Minty Lewis, Derik Badman, Thien Pham and Mark Miyake, Gretta Johnson, Jeff Lok, Breanne Trammell, Julia Gualtieri, Denis St. John, RJ Casey, and Lucius Wisniewski.

Edited by Melissa Mendes.

Cover art by Charles Forsman.