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Original Art

$25.00 / On Sale

I have the following categories of originals for sale. Click on the links to go to the flickr lists of pages. You can pick which story you want up in the drop down menu above, then email me at mendes.me@gmail.com to tell me the specific page.

Freddy Comic Strips: These are daily comics that I worked on from 2011-2013. All are about 4.5x6 inches, and done in ink and watercolor on bristol board.

The Bird Pages: These are pages from my mini-comic The Bird, published in 2010. The main character is a preliminary version of Lou, the subject of my 17 issue series published by Oily Comics. Pages are 5.5x4.25 inches, ink on bristol.

Sundays 5 Pages : Published in 2012, the Sundays anthology was an awesome collection of work. This is my story. All pages are 8x7.25 inches, in ink on bristol board.

Kus #12 Pages: These are pages of my story from this issue of the anthology Kus, published in 2012. All are 4.25x6 inches, in ink and watercolor pencil on bristol board.

At Length Magazine Originals: This is a comic I did for At Length Magazine in 2011. Pages are 9x12 inches, ink and watercolor on bristol.